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APOLIC's Fire-Resistant Core: Redefining Safety in Modern Construction

As urbanization continues to shape the world, the need for advanced fire protection solutions becomes increasingly vital. APOLIC's Fire-Resistant Core not only elevates the standards of construction safety but also instills confidence in communities worldwide. Together, we can forge a path towards safer, more resilient cities that stand tall in the face of adversity. APOLIC's Fire-Resistant Core represents a pivotal turning point in construction safety, offering unparalleled fire protection while maintaining the highest standards of structural integrity. As we step into a future where innovation is the key to safeguarding lives and property, APOLIC stands at the forefront, empowering architects and builders with the tools they need to create a world where safety is paramount.

ALPOLIC®/ Fire Resistant Core

ALPOLIC®/fr is a fire-resistant panel composed of two thin panels of aluminum laminated to either side of a mineral-filled thermoplastic core. The aluminum surfaces have been coil-coated before bonding with an advanced Lumiflon® FEVE resin in a variety of finishes and colors, supplied by Sherwin -Williams Coil Coating. We also offer fire-resistant materials in our HD heavy-duty series and natural metal MCM composites. Fire safety is important for any building project, and a fire-resistant panel is typically required in buildings that exceed a minimum height as specified by applicable codes. ALPOLIC®/fr is one of the most advanced fire-resistant materials available and is IBC-listed to ensure compliance with many fire codes worldwide.

Video demonstrating the APOLIC FR panel defending against a fire compared to a standard PE Panel.

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