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Jamotuf Doors: Where Elegance Meets Endurance

Jamison's innovation doesn't end at the door's surface. Jamotuf Doors can be equipped with smart technologies, seamlessly integrating with home automation systems for added convenience and security. With features like remote access control, real-time monitoring, and energy efficiency and being made out of fiberglass material, these doors redefine the concept of a "gateway" to your world. Embark on a journey through the ingenuity that is Jamison's Jamotuf Doors. Explore the perfect marriage of traditional elegance and modern ingenuity, where durability meets design, and where your entrance becomes a symbol of sophistication and innovation. Welcome to the future of doorways.

Jamison Jamotuf® Doors

Jamotuf® with the manufacture of the Jamolite product line. Now with nearly 60 years of experience creating and perfecting fiberglass doors, Jamison has introduced its subsidiary company, Jamotuf®, LLC, specializing in 1-3/4” thick fiberglass doors with fiberglass frame options.

The smooth gloss gelcoat surface is exceptionally clean, non-porous, and non-absorptive. The molded fiberglass door and frame is extremely corrosive resistant, durable, and low maintenance and comes with lifetime corrosion warranty.

As the name implies the Jamotuf® doors and frames are for your ‘tuf’ or toughest corrosive environments.

Jamotuf® Frame Profiles are pultruded in standard colors with a molded gloss finish. The innovative pultruded gloss finish is an industry first in the corrosion door market and yields the most aesthetically pleasing product appearance of its kind.

Standard Fiberglass Frame Construction Details:

  • Reinforced for overhead closers, holders, or stops

  • Mitered and reinforced for strength and accurate installation

  • Reinforced for hinges and anchors as required

  • Mortised and reinforced for strikes as required

  • Floor anchors reinforced and provided at new masonry installations

  • 1-1/2” equal leg fiberglass angle

Image on the left shows the frame of the fiberglass Jamotuf Door along with the measurements of the door as well.

Image on the bottom shows the different material structures of the fiberglass door

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