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DIZAL by Maibec

Digitally printed aluminum Planks and Battens

Dizal prints high definition photographs of various wood and other textures on exterior siding for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects.

Aluminum Battens

Dizal's new aluminum battens combine ease of use  and spectacular performance.  The product is made to allow architects and designers the possibility of creating unlimited architectural shapes.  Installed on virtually any surface, whether it be horizontal or vertical on a wall, hanging from a ceiling, used as boards for privacy screens, and more, the battens can be used like any other common wood plank.  Installation is simple and requires no special tools.  LED lights can even be integrated into the battens!!


Aluminum Planks

DIZAL specializes in design, production and marketing of premium aluminum siding. Our technology prints authentic scanned textures of various materials from a high definition digital inkjet printing process.  Offering standard wood looks to highly customized photo re-creations.  Fast & easy installation.  All sizes of profiles interlock with each other.  Plank profiles available in 3, 4, 6, and 8 inches with a standard 16' length.

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