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Building Envelope Solutions
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Metl-Span Insulated Metal Panels

A recognized leader in the advancement of insulated metal panel technology, serving the Architectural, Commercial, Industrial and Cold Storage industries with energy efficient and cost effective insulated metal wall and roof panels. For the past forty years, we have not only helped shape our industry; we have set the standard for product design innovations and technology improvements. In order to maintain this focus on quality, we continue to pioneer new research and expand our process capabilities.


Digitally printed aluminum siding:

Dizal prints high definition photographs of various wood and other textures on exterior siding for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects.  Currently offering Battens and Planks.



As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite
materials, ALPOLIC® Materials carefully considers every detail of the manufacturing,
distribution and sales process. Our composite metals are manufactured in Chesapeake,
VA from up to 50% recycled materials. After fabrication, the panels are shipped to their
destinations, ready to change the facade of structures around the world. Exceptional
projects deserve exceptional materials. Demand ALPOLIC®.

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Jamison Cold Storage & Specialty Doors


Jamison Door Company, a privately-held manufacturer of doors primarily for the cold storage industry was founded in 1906 at its current location in Hagerstown, MD by J. V. Jamison, Sr. It has been in the same location in Hagerstown, MD, for all of its existence. 


Since 2004 Jamison has added significantly to its product offerings including additional offerings under its main product line of insulated doors designed for use in cold storage facilities and the acquisition of HCR, Inc., a manufacturer of air doors based in Lewistown, MT.  In 2005 Jamison expanded internationally and  opened a manufacturing plant in Mexico City to make doors for the Mexican market.  In 2012 it opened a new plant in Hagerstown and partnered with an Italian company to make high speed rollup doors under the Jamison/BMP name. In 2015 Jamison opened another plant in Hagerstown to make Jamotuf doors, a line of 1 ¾ “insulated molded fiberglass doors.  



In our 65th year as a trusted name in Glass Door Systems, we are guided by one fundamental pledge: Provide value through customer-focused communication, mutually beneficial economics, and by continuing our founding ambition to build a better glass door merchandising system. Our focus on customer satisfaction and ease of doing business have lead to outstanding relationships with exceptional customers and suppliers. And of course, our extraordinary DOE compliant cooler and freezer glass doors and merchandising systems that are built for superior viewing and performance


Today, you can feel the Thermoseal© difference in everything we do, from how we treat each other, to our product details, including our:

  • Best in class Thermoseal Pureview LED lighting.

  • Widely compatible for replacement of full-systems and components (Net Clear Openings, door dimensions & shelving hook points)

  • Quick connect pre-wired lighting

  • Smart insulated frame design reduces condensation and energy consumption

Mars Air Systems

When you deeply believe in your values, you create conventions to live by them and then go on to design and produce honest goods that reflect them through and through. When you live your values they are embedded in every product that is built well and made to last. Superior craftsmanship, reliability and durable quality that you proudly put your name on...engineered and offered by a collaborative team and distribution network dedicated to the relentless pursuit to perfect the customer experience for more than 55 years.

Everyone at Mars – from the team at the factory to the rigorously trained representatives and distributors – commits to offer a precision-engineered product from a proudly American company. From the largest industrial-strength air curtain o the smallest perfectly-designed accessory, we work so that each speaks silently to our values.

In the coming decades Mars is committed to stay steadfast as leaders in industry research, contribute to LEED point credits that support Green Build initiatives and introduce new ways to integrate with building management systems that contribute to sustainability and energy conservation while using technology to advance facility control.

And always be the kind of company others want to do business with.

Dupont Low-Temp Floor Insulation

STYROFOAM™ Brand Insulation is the original extruded polystyrene foam insulation, invented by Dupont and the first in a portfolio of products that would continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the building and construction industry and its related markets.


Vapor Armour

Our revolutionary vapor barrier system creates an impermeable barrier between warm, cold, and frozen storage spaces. To seal the gap between the roof and wall, PVC membrane is set in adhesive, creating an enclosed envelope and preventing vapor drive between storage areas.

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