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DuPont's Freezermate XPS and ST-100: The Dynamic Duo of Food Storage

DuPont's Freezermate XPS and ST-100 represent the next generation of food storage solutions. With their cutting-edge features, these products redefine convenience, efficiency, and sustainability in modern kitchens. From preserving the freshness of your favorite meals to intelligent food management, the Freezermate XPS and ST-100 are set to transform the way we store food and reduce waste, ultimately making our lives easier and more environmentally friendly. Embrace the future of food storage today!

Freezermate XPS:

DuPont™ Styrofoam™ Brand Freezermate™ Extruded Polystyrene Insulation is an XPS foam insulation solution designed for use as subfloor thermal insulation in low-temperature applications. These rigid foam insulation boards have smooth, high-density skins; excellent insulating characteristics; high resistance to water and water vapor; excellent freeze-thaw resistance; superior compressive strength; and long-term durability. Because they resist even severe forms of moisture penetration, they offer long-term R-values superior to other types of thermal insulation in freezer and cooler construction.

Freezermate XPS ST-100:

DuPont's Styrofoam XPS ST-100 is a game-changing insulation material that has revolutionized the construction and building industry. With its outstanding thermal performance and durability, ST-100 delivers unparalleled energy efficiency and sustainability. This extruded polystyrene foam insulation is specifically engineered to resist moisture, providing superior protection against the elements. The high compressive strength of ST-100 ensures long-lasting support and stability for various applications, from roofs and walls to flooring systems. As an industry leader, DuPont continues to set new standards with the Styrofoam XPS ST-100, offering a reliable solution that not only enhances building performance but also contributes to reducing environmental impact in construction projects worldwide.

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