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NUCOR: Insulated Panel Group

We are approaching ninety days since Nucor’s acquisition of CENTRIA and Metl-Span and would like to provide an update on our progress. We understand that we still have a lot of work in front of us, but our commitment to you is that we will earn your business through unbeatable service, world-class quality, and compelling commercial solutions that support your companies’ business and profit goals.

At Nucor we understand the requirements to provide world-class service and we are bringing that model to NIPG (Nucor Insulated Panel Group). We are auditing the processes of each manufacturing facility, assessing the capabilities of the production equipment, and are hiring additional people who directly impact the service and quality levels.

In addition, we will drive improvements to customer satisfaction by having dedicated resources and products tailored to the marketplace. We will structure the organization to leverage each of the brand’s strengths and focus them on a specific industry segment. CENTRIA, with its strength of addressing highly complex projects with custom engineered products will be the Architectural product brand. Metl-Span, with its ability to address a wide-range of projects given its broad product selection, will be the Industrial/Commercial product brand. TrueCore, with its strength of addressing quick turn projects with a focused product offering, will be the Cold Storage product brand.

Product and Market Segments

• CENTRIA – Architectural product brand

• Metl-Span – Industrial and Commercial product brand

• TrueCore – Cold Storage product brand

As we continue to finalize our organizational structure and review our go-to-market strategies we will strive to keep you informed in a timely manner. I am asking for your patience while we work through many aspects of this acquisition and building the organization for long-term success. There will undoubtedly be some changes in the near future but be assured that our number one priority will be to service your needs with minimum disruption and earn your business each and every day.


Jeff Carmean

President - Nucor Insulated Panel Group

Vice President - Nucor Corporation

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